Using the power of simplicity to succeed.

It's all about learning the art of simplicity and staying focused, like a hedgehog. Doing what you do best!

Jim Collins the ‘hedgehog principle’


A fox is a very clever creature. It sees the world in all its complexity and can pursue many goals at once. A hedgehog is a much more simple creature. It doesn’t get bogged down by all the complexity. It’s really only able to do one thing well – curl up into a ball to protect itself. Hedgehogs are not capable of seeing complexity. All they see is a single goal and they execute to achieve that goal.


And sometimes we are like that in business, trying so many different things to get to our client and we try too many new approaches, create too many choices and implement too many campaigns. We lose our identity and our ability to differentiate ourselves from the crowd. We end up all over the place being okay at lots of things and never being great at that one thing we really are good at.


As an owner, you should clear on whom your business is serving and how you can deliver the best by being the best. You want to make it easy for them to choose you whether its and Instagram marketing campaign, updating your website, or creating clarity around your messaging, it should be focused on your ideal client.


Fully defining your target audience is one of the biggest hurdles that business owners make. If you are clear on whom you want to do business with, you can deliver the ultimate result to your clients by truly solving their problems. 

Being able to identify your focus or niche in business helps you to be the best at it. If you understand what you are really good at, focus your time and energy on that you can focus your marketing; creating compelling messaging will actually attract better clients, ones that value you and your services and want to work with you and are willing to pay you what you are worth.  Clients are drawn to whom they perceive as the expert who can solve their problem. When you are making that purchase or buying that service you want to work with the best.  

Do what you do best!


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