How to build a steady stream of leads for less than $100 a month

Lead generation is the one topic that any company would be interested in and be able to do it effectively and get the maximum quality leads. As a marketer, Facebook advertising is perhaps one of the most powerful tools for lead generation right now. Facebook notes there are 1.6 billion users daily and it allows you to reach new audiences you may not have been able to reach otherwise. It is still one of the best, simplest, most affordable ways to create awareness, generate leads and ultimately find clients and build lasting relationships.

If your small to medium-sized business doesn’t have a Facebook page, then you are missing out on opportunities to generate serious, quality leads. Optimizing your lead generation on Facebook can help you get in front of your desired customers, drive traffic to your website and increase conversions.

Even if you are already using Facebook ads to generate leads, we can all use a little boost to ramp up our lead generation. Use this guide to master Facebook Ads and optimize your paid social media ads for less than $100 a month.

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Follow Up

Of course the whole point of generating leads is to build a relationship with them until they want to become a customer. Not many people go from zero to sale instantly so you will want to follow up quickly with those leads that you are collecting. You want to be quick to reach out and respond in a timely fashion while they are still thinking of you. and not the competition.

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