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Successful marketing and brand strategies designed for small businesses

Is your business getting 100% out of your marketing? Are you wasting time and money on strategies that don't get results?

I can share key topics that are designed to help small businesses create effective and strategic marketing and increase your profits to create more financial freedom.

Presentation topics:


Learn how to implement an effective client attraction system

Attendees will learn the secrets on how to create a plan that will attract their ideal client using an easy, step-by-step system .

Learn how to focus in on your best buyers and offer them your best services.

You are in charge of who you choose as clients. Make it matter.


Be Remarkable. Be Memorable.

Can a potential client understand what you in in 10 seconds?

Develop a brand that sets you apart. Build clarity on your brand message.

Influence your brand and get people talking about you in the right way!

Learn how to develop your brand at the most crucial touchpoints.


Brand and Your Bottomline

For leaders who are responsible for growing their business, driving marketing and sales, and increasing profits. This session demonstrates how to build your company's brand fundamentals using a simple process that will position your brand as the go-to authority with your target audience. Attract more clients. Get better loyalty. Charge more. Grow Faster.

Diane Rutledge

If you want to learn a new approach to bringing together your marketing, brand and sales strategies to make measurable impact and take your business to the next level and Amplify your Brand. 

With more than 27 years of experience serving multi-billion dollar companies, Diane delivers top marketing and brand strategies for small business owners and entrepreneurs who are frustrated with trying to develop a marketing system to build their business and drive revenue. 

Having a background in design, public relations, marketing and brand management, Diane can offer a comprehensive view of strategically positioning your company.


Diane has addressed both national and local audiences at conferences, local business workshops, in-house round-tables, marketing industry panels, live webinars and more.


  • Graceworks Speaking Skills Certificate

  • Certified Professional Services Marketer: Society of Professional Services Marketing

  • Certified Coach Transformation University

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Diane Rutledge, CPSM

Marketing and Brand Strategist

Brand Transform, Inc.


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