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Improve your online marketing with a Brand Assessment

Create engagement and relevance through information architecture and user experience which guides your audience through and intuitive and practical journey.

By design, the digital and online space is a complex and multi-disciplinary undertaking. We work with you on key areas of your Brand Strategy, Brand Alignment, Brand Communication and Brand Execution.


With our complete assessment of your website and online presence, and the subsequent plan of action we customize just for you, you'll have a complete picture of your current brand presence and a step-by-step action plan to create a powerful brand and marketing strategy.

Complete Review of your website

Review of your entire website and the competitive landscape. Create clear point of differentiona and articulate your offerings.

Analysis of your current SEO

  • Current Keyword Ranking Data

  • On Page and Off Page SEO plan

  • Google My Business

  • Meta descriptions and snippets

Brand Communication effectiveness

Define Your Brand's Attributes and create messaging that will match your ideal client's needs and attract them to you.

Social Media Presence

  • Social Media Marketing Plan

  • Local SEO and Reputation Management Plan

  • Get More Sharable

  • Competitor Website Comparisons

Invest in your brand

Every small business, whether you are an entrepreneur, coach, consultant or freelancer, you should be building your brand. A strong brand will allow you to stand out from the competition and be known as the expert in your industry.

Brand Assessment

Understanding Your Performance


Your reputation in the business world is everything.  Your brand is how you present yourself to your ideal audience.

Get a Comprehensive Brand Assessment:

  • Review and analyze your online and offline materials

  • Systematic process of scanning your website

  • Identify target audience

  • Analyze competitive landscape

  • Deliver comprehensive research findings and briefing document

Your brand is one of your biggest assets. It can take your business to places you never thought possible. Actively take control of your brand.

What impact will your brand presence make before you even say a word?

Telling your story goes beyond what you say.

A main focus of your website should be build trust with the visitor as soon as they arrive on your site. Your main promise, one that shows you are the firm to help them solve their challenge or problem, should be clear to your visitors. 

Step Up to Stand Out

X-Factor - Business and People with strong brands are clear about who they are. They know and maximize their strengths..

Value - Design your brand to connect with your passions, values and purpose. Tell your story and engage 

Image - Often people need to come back to your website numerous times before they make that decision to work with you. Creating valuable content, that is relevant to their stage in the customer journey, will nurture them through to the sale.

Brand Strategy & Audit

$995 One-Time Fee.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.



  • Define your target audience so you can stop wasting time and money

  • Get clear about your brand

  • Develop your unique promise of value and messaging

  • Attract more of your ideal clients 

  • Have a more memorable brand

  • Leverage marketing effectively 

  • Create loyal brand advocates

You want your company to stand ‘above’ your competitors

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