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Every Action Contributes to the Experience Being Delivered

Most businesses understand the importance of redesigning and improving their processes for better quality and efficiency, but do they consider HOW the work should be performed and delivered at every step of the way for process excellence? Often the client is being serviced, but without thought to actual intention. Today, just serving the client isn't enough. The service should be based on motivation and performance that affect the buyer's decisions along their entire journey. As an example having a receptionist who merely greets clients, takes their names and directs them off to their stylist chair or service room doesn't have the impact as one who graciously greets and welcomes the client with intention and with interest and provides focused client service as they set the tone for the remainder of their visit.

Consciously engaging with your clients where every movement has intention and every action is meaningful creates an impressive environment from start to finish. True process excellence happens when a team member actively engages with the customers and has a clear understanding how those actions impact the entire experience. When you go into the service with intention, your outcome will reflect that an energized connection. Every increase in offerings and attention to details along the buyer's journey creates value, and if every touchpoint is enhanced by each staff member to create the ultimate experience from initial correspondence to walking in the front door to paying their bill when they leave, the client will have a more immersive experience that is memorable and more importantly they will want to repeat.

Key considerations:

1. Ensure every staff member is trained and motivated to serving with intention.

2. Think about your 'Processes' to include client experience and team performance.

3. Creating experiences that are memorable and engage your client at every single touchpoint of their interaction with your business.


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