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LinkedIn Essentials for Growing Your business

Updated: Aug 13, 2020

LinkedIn has over 500 million business-oriented users. Most Likely a vast majority of your current and future clients are using LinkedIn regularly as part of their business activities. LinkedIn invests a fortune on marketing tools and optimizing SEO for profiles and search - that's a great benefit.

If you aren't using LinkedIn as a lead generation tool, you might be missing out on great opportunities to grow your brand recognition and drive new leads.

What does it do for you?

  • It convinces prospects how great you are! And allows your client to establish your credibility for you.

  • It allows you the ability to easily connect with clients through posting of useful information and engaging with them on their posts.

  • It keeps you connected withy your industry profession - where you can share resources and be a resource.

  • You are able to target your audience on a much deeper level. (5 Ways to Create the Most Valuable Content for your Audience)

  • Generate leads consistently

It takes regular, consistent action to build and maintain your social network. Here are some steps to take advantage of LinkedIn for Social Networking and quickly grow your connections:

  1. Add a LinkedIn button to your email footer, so every email you send, makes it easy for the recipient to view your profile. (In LinkedIn, click your photo, and copy the URL or go to Promoting

  2. Keep your profile information SEO friendly and use appropriate keywords and long-tail keywords to generate more targeted results. LinkedIn's algorithm works much like Google's, so optimizing matters.

  3. Fill out all of the information in your profile. Users who fill in their profile completely are 40x more like to receive incoming inquiries. When someone views your profile, check out their profile, and reach out to them to connect. More LinkeIn tips here to establish your brand profile: Make Your Brand Stand Out in 2020

  4. Feed your network regularly and stay active daily. Best way to show that you're interested in making connections is to post and to post often. Post updates daily and share content as well for your followers to see.

  5. Participate in Discussion Groups, its a great way to make connections with people who are interested in your industry. Join groups that relate to your business that will give you opportunities to engage and contribute. Try to leave insightful comments that add value to the discussion. People in the group will be likely to visit your profile and it encourages others to reply to you.

  6. Leverage tags or @mentions in your posts and status updates. Include the symbol and immediately follow with user or company name. They will be alerted that you mentioned them. Its a great way to boost engagement.


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