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7 Ways to Elevate WordPress Using Envato Elements

I often get asked the question by my clients if they should use WordPress to build their website and is it user friendly. There are many options for website building platforms, and WordPress is a powerful website builder, and the good news is you don’t need to learn web design or coding to create the website of your dreams.

So how do you make your WordPress site stand out without having to be a developer? Using paid subscription tools like Envato Elements gives you unlimited downloads to all the tools and resources you need. It includes easy to install and use themes, plugins, graphics, photos, backgrounds, fonts and more makes it even easier to tell your story. You get unlimited access to more than 2,510,289 million assets and they continue to populate the collection with new elements every day to help you stay stay inspired and on trend.

Whether you are a freelance designer, web developer, entrepreneur or small business, using Envato Elements will help you to get started promoting your business online.

Here are my seven favorite reasons to use Envato Elements for my WordPress websites (and all my other graphic projects):

1. Themes and Template Kits

Download unlimited, responsive, professionally designed Wordpress themes or multi-purpose template kits with your subscription. Envato offers ready-made themes for a variety of industries all built specifically for Wordpress so the hard work is done for you. And the themes are built to meet a wide range of business need from corporate to creative, professional services, spa or real estate and financial firms. Or expand an existing website and add new designs and layouts to current Elementor WordPress themes and deliver a better user experience for your clients.

2. Royalty-free, high-quality stock photos

Good imagery can help you to quickly deliver your message and engage your website visitors. People browsing the internets have a short attention span, you only have so many seconds to gain their interest. You get a giant library of quality imagery that you can use to attract visitors and encourage them to read your blogs, click through your site and increase the value of your content. Over 1 million photos with them constantly adding new images. Its easy. The license stays with each project you create. You just download images for each project.

3. Collection of Plugins

Plugins can extend the functionality of your website and customization of the sites you work on. Envato Elements offers a flexible way to add the features you want with premium plugins. Whether is creating a contact forms, optin squeeze pages and pop ups to help visitor conversion rates or adding your social media feed to your home page, you will have plenty of inspiration with over 20,000 curated options leaving you infinite possibilities. Maybe you want to look at increasing engagement on your site, then the easy to install WordPress Rating Plugin helps you to collect ratings in likes and opinion formats. The plugin allows you to quickly and accurately gather information about the usefulness of your articles or other uses. It offers flexible setting and it doesn’t require to have knowledge to code and is compatible with most browsers including Chrome, Firefox, Safari as well as tablet and mobile.

4. Videos

Video usage on websites is a trend that continues to increase. Whether its used for explainer videos, ads or broadcast packages, having the right videos helps you to showcase your company and brand while making it more engaging t demonstrate you products and services. Having video on you website boosting search engine ranking in a number of ways. They increase click through rates, more likely to appear on Google’s featured meta descriptions, and people are more likely to share video. And video helps build trust faster than any other medium. It helps to convert visitors to customers.

With Envato you can access their collection of over 800,000 stock videos or customize with more than 20,000 video templates which are editable so you can easily create your own customized video. Ready to highlight an event try their Cinematic Trailers Titles which is 4K and compatible with applications such as After Effects, Premiere Pro, Apple Motion or Final Cut Pro. Easy to find stock footage to match your project’s needs and save you time and effort.

5. Royalty Free Music

With thousands of premium, royalty free audio tracks to choose from, its easy enhance your video projects. You can choose from tracks with lead vocals, background vocals, instruments, and if you are looking for slow or upbeat dance music you can search their wide arrangement. Sound effects are an integral part of any audiovisual project to create dynamic scenes. You also get a huge selection of unique sound effects for you apps in that are broadcast quality.

6. Fonts

When you need that just right font that will tell your story and capture the attention of your visitor, Envato Font collection offers over 8,000 fonts with commercial license usage rights in OTF, WOFF and TTf. Whatever your specific project need is from serif, sans serif and decorative typefaces for everyone. Beautiful handwriting, stylish flow or vintage styles for any project needs with simple installation. Some fonts come as complementary sets so they match perfectly like the Jonas Beckman font with two elegant variations or a fun an exciting style like Agent Frank. Many come with special ligatures, multilingual support and can be used in your print applications as well.

7. CMS

Responsive multipage templates designed with options for product sliders, google map integration, slideshows, contact us pages. As easy convenient tools to connect your site with your customer and improve your sales with commerce ready templates. The CMS templates include Shopify, Muse, OpenCart, Joomla and more. You can use Shoppee - the Stylish eCommerce Adobe Muse template with Gumroad integration offering easy parallax effects, contact and subscribe forms and easy to customize pages fro tablet, and mobile versions.

When you subscribe you get unlimited As long as your subscription is active, you can download any items on Envato Elements and license that item to your project and download. Even if you choose to cancel your subscription, you still get to use your downloads that you associated with their licensed projects.

Check out all the tools Envato Elements has to offer using my affiliate link. You can browse through their many other resources as well such at Envato Tuts to advance your technical skills, or PlaceIt where you can create designs, video and even mock ups ; and Envato Market that house a collection of over 3 million themed assets.

And the subscriptions costs are so low and you get access to millions of assets.

Happy Creating with Envato Elements


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