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How to Take Inspired Action and Get More Powerful Outcomes.

Inspired action means taking action because you feel it intuitively in your gut.

How many of us feel stuck in our jobs, our careers, or running our businesses? You know you have a life's purpose, but you feel like you are 'living' it on the surface, and you are ready for more. You know that you want to use your unique gifts for good. And you also want to do something you are passionate about. The good news is, you can do both!

The problem is, you don't always have clarity on what your purpose is and how you can create the meaningful impact that you desire. So how do you unearth your purpose? How do you move forward?

Well, it starts with identifying your purpose.

When you are trying to move forward, it can feel like a struggle to know what the next step is. Take time to clarify and understand what's important to you in your life. Explore your purpose, values, and goals. Ask why each goal is important.

Define what it is you want and what you truly value.

Ask yourself what are you truly passionate about? What would give you more meaning and joy?

What are your goals? Do you want financial freedom?

What are your priorities? What are your strengths? What drains me?

What excites you? Do you want to own your own business?

Answer this: My ideal life looks like ... fill in the blank.

You want to find your Big Why?

Start with the practice of being in the present so you can connect with your 'Big Why.' Take time for yourself and calm your mind. Let the thoughts and emotions run through your head. Watch for the ones you connect with and that enliven you. Be flexible. Those thoughts and feelings you land on can become your goals. Journaling your thoughts can be a great tool to help you find clarity. You may discover quite a bit about yourself during the process.

When you gain clarity about your purpose, you can use that to guide your choices and decisions. Purpose drives our actions and behaviors. You will feel more energized and passionate about what you are doing. That is when inspired action comes into play.

What is inspired action?

It's taking action when it comes from a deeper place in you. It's acting on your intuition when you have that feeling like you have to do something out of nowhere. And then listening to that gut instinct. It's different from just taking action in the sense that it's not obligatory or on your checklist of to-do's. It's more about the drive you feel to take action. It usually gives you a rush of energy or feelings of excitement. And you actually feel inspired.

Your subconscious mind is always sending your signals. Being able to recognize those signals or impulses is what gets you one step closer to your goals. Pay close attention to what resonates. Write down the times you felt that inner urge.

At first it might seem difficult to take inspired action. You might even be a little apprehensive. It's okay. Sometimes it requires you go a little out of your comfort zone. You can take small or big inspired actions. When you begin to take inspired actions, you will recognize that you can't wait to get started. Or once you get started, you'll notice your energy just flows. You won't even be able to explain where the energy burst came from. But it's there.

That's when you know it's an inspired action.

The only impossible journey is the one that never begins. –Tony Robbins


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