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Creating Your Lead Magnet to Attract your Ideal Clients

The number one thing that nearly every successful online entrepreneur has going for them is that they have an email list. This involves building up an email list of prospects and customers so that you can consistently build value and promote to.

At one point or another we have all made our way to an email list. From the largest online retailers to the solopreneurs running a business from their living room, email marketing is still the number one way to engage and follow up with your audience.

To start your list building your list, you want to provide value to your potential clients and the is through a lead magnet so you can generate unlimited leads.

Not too long ago, building and marketing yourself online you could simply say “Subscribe My Newsletter”, and people would be happy to do it! But, people feel inundated and they are not as open to just share their email, and even their best email address with you.

So, you must give them a good reason to opt-in to learn more from you. You have to provide value.

I'm going to share 5 examples of lead magnets you can create to give away that will work in 2021. Remember, the more value you provide that matches your niche and the more exciting your offer sounds, the more people will gladly give up their email addresses to receive it.

1. Top Tips PDF Report or ebook

Create a list of tips that will actually help people solve a problem that they are seeking a solution for. Show them an ultimate result to their problem. As an example, HubSpot offers a collection of Example Proposals to download. HubSpot Partner Proposal Examples: A collection of Example Proposals from HubSpot Partners.

If you are a business that send out proposals to close a sale, this would be very helpful to speed up your process and not recreate the wheel. It would get your attention.

In the report, you can include information at the end to highlight your business and how you serve clients with a link to your site.

2. E-Coaching Lessons

Consultants and Coaching can offer e-coaching or email training! This is a popular strategy to get people in the habit of opening your emails consistently. And the user gets the flexibility of the program completed through email.

Instead of offering your giveaway in the form of a single PDF like the previous lead magnet ideas, you could offer a series of 5 to 10 emails that deliver the content daily, every other day, or weekly or even for a month!

One of the benefits to this strategy is that it means you can launch your list building efforts with only needing the first email ready to send out! Then add the remainders as you get going, and once your e-coaching lessons are all wrapped up you don’t have to do it again unless you decide to update them. But you will have your complete course to offer again.

All your email training sessions can be delivered automatically through your autoresponder.

Top Auto responders include Aweber and GetResponse. Using these, you can easily set up an automated sequence that saves you time and effort.

Again, just find hot topics to create content around, and use that for your list magnet! The key is finding content your audience really wants to know, and making it easy for them to go through it all.

3. Offer Special Webinar Event or Master Class

Hosting a live webinar even in your niche is a great way to start building a list, and once your webinar is over, you can offer the recording as ongoing lead magnet.

To start, you would choose a date for your webinar event and drive traffic to your registration page through ads or social media posts. You can use platforms such as Facebook (free) or Zoom to host the webinar.

Maybe you help business create landing pages and you want to show your clients how to use a an easy drag-and-drop page builder like Elementor for their WordPress site. You can hold an event to walk them through the steps to use the tools and widgets to build their landing page faster without having to learn to code!

Webinars also double as a powerful sales tool as you can offer your products or services easily at the end of them.

4. A workbook

Sharing a work book can be an incredibly effective lead magnet. Especially if you are a service business. The user can easily download the workbook and start using to solve their problem. If you are a business coach, you could share a workbook with step-by-step actions on how to build a Six-Figure Business using the right tools and not get overwhelmed. The workbook can be based off one of your course offerings that gives them a sneak peek into what it's like working with you. Or create a 30-day challenge workbook that includes daily steps to take to achieve something specific.

5. Checklists

Sharing a checklist can help your audience know how to take the next step to accomplish an intended goal. You have to know what your audience wants to achieve before you create the checklist. You want the checklist to beneficial to your user so they are getting something of value. You can convert almost any content you already have into a checklist. If you are a Transformational Coach you could create a checklist such as 10 Steps to Finding Your True Calling.

When they go through each step it will help them see where they are on their journey to finding their purpose, and help you as the coach to understand them better, as you take them to the next stage if they choose to work with you.

When creating your lead magnet, consider the framework of Who your customer is that this is focused on, What problem you solve and the Ultimate Result they will achieve, and how your freebie lead magnet takes them through it.

Go create value for your audience!

If you need help creating a lead magnet that converts and will drive sales, just reach out and email me at I offer marketing coaching packages and done for you services and I can help you define your ideal client, develop marketing strategies to attract them and show you how to convert them to wonderful long-term clients and raving fans.

And let me know what lead magnet you love to use!


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