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You can't be everything to everyone.

Updated: Nov 1, 2018

Clients are more willing to engage and listen to those they see as the expert in the specific need or problem they have. They want to work with someone they can trust to deliver their desired results. It takes time and investment to build deep relationships with your clients (and potential clients). However if you can fully recognize the influence your brand has when your client views you as the expert, you can deliver better results and have more long-term relationships. How much trust a client will place on your brand will be the determining factor of their continued engagement.

Narrow in your audience.

To be the expert in their eyes, you have to identify what it is they want, what you are best at and how you can help them. Remember, you cannot be everything to everyone. So, it is best to focus on the clients that will find value in your services, skills and the outcomes it will bring.

  • Be clear on who your ideal client is.

  • Identify the no. 1 thing they want that you can provide.

  • Create powerful and compelling messaging around that no. 1 thing. Be of value.

If your a salon owner, your niche clients might want great lasting color, or that new trendy cut, or extensions that give them voluminous hair. You need to know that. And when you can clearly identify who you are meant to serve and know what your client really wants, you can offer them outstanding service. All of your touchpoints should revolve around that key issue. Your goal is to help them solve their problem. But you have to know your client, know what their problem is and of course, know how to solve it the best.

Craft your messages to help them in an authentic way. If your ideal client needs to escape the stress of their crazy week? Well share with them how your spa offers the ultimate treatment that specializes in decompressing from stress and results in deep, soothing relaxation. You aren’t selling a massage. You are delivering a result and that is ultimately much more important to your client.

Connect emotionally.

There are other salons or spas that offer what you do. But, being clear on your niche clients and how you can help them, will allow you the opportunity to stand out in their minds. Connecting with them on an emotional level is easier when you are the one who can solve their problem. Focus on delivering the result they want and connect that emotional association in your client’s mind. Everything you do, every touch point you have, every feeling you evoke is part of building your brand and differentiating you to stand out. Its how they will remember you.

Your connection with your clients is one of the most powerful tools you have. Be committed to improving their overall experience and engagement with your brand. Take that extra time. Build it into your marketing plan. Remember, nurturing your relationships is a process that takes time. You have to make the time to reach out to them.

Have you identified your niche client? Do you know the best way to reach them?


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