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How to Get Clear on Who Your Ideal Client is

Most people don’t realize that their clients are the foundation of their business. If you don’t have clients, you don’t have a business. Identifying who you are meant to serve is the key to your success.

Why is this so important? Because if you get this right, your marketing will instantly become 10x more powerful than it is now. That means your business will grow and your income will grow.

There are three basics to building a strong foundation for your business

  1. Identify who are the best clients for your service or product

  2. Locate these potential clients, wherever they are

  3. Market Match the right tools and message to reach them and attract them to you

When you have complete clarity on who your client is, where to find them and how to message them in a way to attract them, your marketing and sales efforts gets easier, lest costly and is more effective.

Take the time to identify their qualities and attributes and build a filter of who are the clients you want to work with. Define who they are. Know what they like to do. What interests them. Who do they associate with and what standards do they set for themselves.

When building out your ideal client attributes, consider what are the main reasons you like working with them. What about working with them makes you excited?

And list out the characteristics you REFUSE to work with too. You don’t want to work with clients who will be energy suckers. They not only turn out to be unprofitable for your business but can detract you from serving your great clients.

If your marketing message isn’t clear no one will show up.

Understanding who you are trying to attract will help you create compelling messaging that they will be drawn to. Communicate your ultimate result that they will achieve and you will cut through the noise of competition.

How to get clear on identifying how you help them. Ask these questions:

  1. What problem are you really good at solving? You may have many capabilities, but what is your best skill the one you re most passionate about

  2. Who needs these services? Define them in detail. These are your personas. Determine what their demographics are and what their attributes are.

  3. Evaluate the groups and filter out the ones you feel you can enjoy the most to work with. Think about who you don’t want to work with as well. This will help you be able to deliver the best results.

  4. Take time to interview your ideal client types. Learn about their struggles, what their challenges may be and how you can help them with their solutions.

Marketing success is mostly a result of choosing your best ideal clients. Good brands know they need to differentiate and success comes when they know who to direct their marketing towards.

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